Life Group

Be part of a Life Group today


Our goal at Skyline Church is to have Life Groups function as a extension of the weekend experience to help our church body mature in their walk with Christ. Maturity being defined as continual progress in three vital relationships: intimacy with God, community with other believers, and investing in their relationship with unbelievers with the goal of Salvation.

What is a Life Group?

A small gathering of people with shared interests who meet regularly in homes, on our campus, or across the Cape to connect and grow together in Christ-likeness. This is where you can get to know God and can be known by others. Life groups are where you can connect with others and grow together; where you can network, grow and have fun!

Who should go?

Anyone who considers Skyline Church their home should be in a Life Group! These groups empower us to connect and serve, and where most of our discipleship takes place. Thus, to remain disconnected from a Life Group is to deprive oneself from our most intentional efforts towards growth and meaningful relationships. Check out out Active groups and become part of one today.

Get connected at Skyline Church

A healthy church is built on healthy relationships. Joining a Life Group is saying “Yes” to being a part of a loving, faith-based family! We look forward to living life with you!

Service Times: 

Sundays 10:30 am